helping your organisation
Helping You

Introducing Identity Management to your organisation can be a daunting task with implications not only for the software environment you need to maintain but also for your day-to-day operations and compliance.

At Innovative Identity Solutions we work hard to provide a full-lifecycle consultancy so we can advise you at every stage of this process.

All our consultants have in-depth development experience using light-weight, agile methods to minimise your up-front costs and risk.

We start by talking with your stakeholders to understand how identity and privacy fit into your organisation, preparing a project proposal which will outline an initial system design and areas in need of further exploration.

Depending on your needs this proposal may focus primarily on software, on operational processes, or a combination of the two.

A series of iterative development stages follow using prototypes and test studies to tailor technology and processes to you.

If you need to keep this in house we can provide support and training for an existing team, or help you recruit a new team with the necessary skills and experience.

Or we can develop a minimal viable system for you and train a team to maintain it.